June 23, 2017


Proverbs Mission.

The Proverbs mission is to help parents build a stronger relationship with their children by reading the book of Proverbs of the Holy Bible a chapter a day to their children. Then if their children are old enough to read, he or she should also read it to their parents after each one finished reading the Proverbs book you should start over again. If your daughter should complaint about why it addressed son so many times let them know when God addressed a son in the Bible He also addressing a daughter, we just to go accordingly to the one that apply to us.

Please don’t hesitates to contact our pastor for any questions your children may ask you that you may not know the answer or for any other supports. If you don’t mind sharing some of your experience doing on this, we would like to know how Proverbs Mission help you build a stronger relationship with your children. Thank you.